Philosophy of Teaching

I believe that being a successful and effective teacher means, above all things, the ability to adapt. The teacher must always be able to tailor their approach, lesson plan, or even outlook on education at any one moment in time. No two children are the same, so they cannot be approached in exactly the same way. By utilizing diverse lesson plans that cater to many different learning styles, more students can be touched upon and educated. By bringing in many different aspects of a topic, you may catch different students’ attentions and they will be invested in the topic that they are learning about. Teachers must essentially be a jack-of-all-trades, well versed in techniques, methods, technology, as well as their curriculum in order to be a successful and effective teacher. I believe that a teacher must be someone who values life long learning. A teacher must always embrace new theories, new developments, as well as new technologies. However, the teacher must also be able to sift through all of these new ideas and concepts and decide which will best suit their students learning and learning environment. Not all technology is suited for the classroom, and not all new theories prove the test of time. This love of learning can also be categorized back under the trait of adaptability. Essentially, it is my belief that a teacher must be a completely and fully adaptable person, who can think on their toes and sacrifice their well-thought out lesson plan if the situation calls for it. You can’t always plan a lesson as sometimes the lesson takes precedence over your plan


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