Technorage and How To Avoid It In The Classroom

14 Feb

RAGEPRINTHi, my name is Brittney and I have technorage.
We’ve all experienced it. You have a presentation planned and the peripherals aren’t working. You go to update your iWhatever and it won’t sync. You try to roll down your automatic window in your car and it won’t budge.

And you feel angry towards the technology you are attempting to use, the very technology that is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. I’ve even gone so far as to anthropomorphize the machinery that is the source of my ire, speaking to the printer at work, “Why don’t you like this flavor of paper?!” or yelling at Siri when she sends me in the wrong direction — except most of the time she talks back.

In a few days I am leaving on a one week vacation for a good friend’s wedding. I am one of those plan ahead types. So I have been compiling lists of the music and ebooks I want to download to take with me. I spent two hours last night trying to update my iPhone. It wouldn’t sync any of the songs I had recently downloaded. It wouldn’t even transfer the songs I downloaded from iTunes to my iPod Nano. It kept giving me an error message that the iPhone/iPod couldn’t support the format the song was in. Everything is in MP3. So I double check the formats. Yep, MP3’s, every last one. So I head to Google. Apparently it’s a common problem. All you have to do is select the problematic songs and creats an AAC version. BUT STILL. Syncing should be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezey.

So I rant and rage and then when I find the solution I feel silly for such behaviour. In the comfort of my own home it is one thing to display such behaviour, but when you are in front of a class of impressionable students, a different course of action should be taken. So this is where the first obvious rule of technology should come in. Test the technology out first on your own before using it in front of the class. You should be making sure that you are familiar enough with the technology behind the curtain so as not to have a fit of technorage in front of your students.


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